Transportation in and Around Delhi

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Buses: We strongly recommend that students not use buses for transportation in Delhi. If you are traveling with your college friends you may use the red, air-conditioned ‘DTC’ buses, do not board a crowded bus on your own.  The metro and taxis are better options.

Taxis: The earlier black and yellow taxis have now been nearly phased out. Ola and Uber are the two app-based taxi service which are currently the most popular form of transportation in the city. They are both reliable and reasonable, and provide you the option of sharing your ride and the cost with another passenger. Please be mindful of your security when sharing a ride. You can book ride through your phone and it usually takes 5-10 minutes to arrive. Ola and Uber are not available on airport arrival terminals. At the airport, you must use the Meru or Mega taxi service which you can book right outside the arrival terminal of both domestic and international arrivals. We would recommend you to always use one of these services from the airport. These taxis  are metered by law and have a GPS system monitored by their employers. You need to be especially careful when you’re laden with bags and searching for a hotel or heading out in the evening to an expensive restaurant.  It is a good idea for women to either take a photo of the taxi’s license (in a manner that alerts the driver that you are doing so) or to have a friend do so, so that the driver is aware that any improper behavior can be traced.

Metro:  There is a decent metro system in Delhi, though not all areas of the city are accessible by metro alone.  You can travel to any distance/destination in Delhi by combining the Metro and Auto (tuk-tuk).

Autos/ Rickshaw: Autos are usually a safe mode of transportation in Delhi but rampant overcharging is common. Even if the autos go by meter, they usually have complicated calculation which most people find difficult to comprehend. The autos usually quote a price and with the help of an Indian friend you’ll be able to find rough estimates. Please do not travel in autos at night time.